Starting on the path to enhancing your well-being, and the well-being of your school community, is as easy as 1,2,3!

Our Mission

Empowering children, teachers, and families with tools to cultivate their well-being.

Our Vision

We strive to support a world where communities champion flourishing, peaceful kids.

A teacher’s energy and outlook radiate in their classroom. A teacher empowered with tools for well-being will naturally share those tools with others in their lives including with their students. Supported teachers = supported kids.

Our children are our future. They are experiencing unprecedented stressors which means they need to be taught powerful life skills to meet these challenges. 

Communities are made up of individuals, each one with their own “root” system and branches of growth. Empowering every individual’s unique journey helps them to reach their full potential.

Our Story

Friends for over 30 years, we have always shared a passion for the importance of prioritizing health and wellness. In 2008 we began working together to bring the well-being tools of yoga to a local elementary school. With a grant from the Greater Rochester Health Foundation, we developed and implemented a program that became a catalyst for wellness throughout the school and helped hundreds of students to increase self-awareness, better manage stress, and get more movement during the school day. In 2018 we formed our non-profit, PeaceFull Kids, to bring the research and interventions of Positive Psychology to the greater community. We are excited and honored to share these new and powerful tools with educators and students to support their well-being and help them meet what can be challenging times. 

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Heidi Kaufman

As a trailblazer introducing yoga into schools starting in 2006, I knew that through the poses I was also teaching students the life skills of managing energy and emotions. I was passionate about bringing this information to the broader community, so, in 2008, I opened the first kids and family yoga studio in Rochester as a place for families to relax and connect as well as to build their strength and flexibility.

I am excited to, once again, be bringing cutting-edge content to schools after completing my Masters in Applied Positive Psychology from the University of Pennsylvania. The research in positive psychology of topics such as character strengths, happiness, resilience, grit and optimism inform all the work we are doing and have given us new frameworks and language to support people in flourishing. At PeaceFull Kids, we are leveraging my decades of experience teaching and training yoga along with Carolyn’s 36 years in education to deliver programming that supports and empowers all constituents within school communities to enhance their well-being.

Carolyn Rabidoux

Thirty-six years working in public education as a teacher and school and district level administrator has made me very aware of the importance of supporting not only students’ academic achievement but also providing them with the tools to enhance their well-being. I have always believed that supporting teachers and other school personnel’s social/emotional well-being will not only help each individual but it will positively impact the students and the culture of the school.

I retired from public education in 2020, but my desire to support the well-being of educators and students has not waned. I currently work as a coach for new administrators and hope to pass my passion for wellness initiatives on to the new generation of educators.

As a co-owner of the company Peacefull Kids, I along with my business partner provide tools that support the well-being of educators, students, and families through the programs we created based on the science of positive psychology.