With these individualized services, educators have the opportunity to work on their personal goals and explore solutions for their workplace challenges.

Educator Coaching & Mindset Training

One-on-one Coaching

How would it feel to have a partner in clarifying your goals and how you achieve them? What would it be like to have someone work with you to maximize your potential as an educator? With one-on-one coaching, you can experience the power of having professional support in getting you from where you are to where you want to go.

What does a coach do?

  • Engage you in conversation around self-discovery
  • Support you in generating next steps to move toward positive change
  • Act as a resource for accountability in your self-determined process

All coaching conversations are confidential and client directed. Complete our contact form to get information about scheduling your one free coaching consultation.

Coaching sessions are 45-60 minutes. Coaching, by definition, is a practice which is individualized and co-created. As such, the number of sessions in a package is discussed and determined during the intake meeting.


Mindset Training

Experience the benefits of positive psychology in private consultations designed specifically for you to enhance your skills as an educator.

How does this differ from coaching?

  • A coaching session agenda is set by you. In mindset training the consultant introduces a positive psychology tool, assessment or resource as an anchor for the conversation.
  • Coaching is a process of facilitated self-discovery. Mindset training:
    • starts with the consultant educating you
    • moves to you engaging with the material
    • leads to ideas driven by you around application of the tool, assessment or resource.

Mindset training can be done one-on-one or in small groups. Complete our contact form to get information about scheduling your one free mindset training consultation.

Mindset training sessions are 45-60 minutes. They are offered in packages of 4-6 sessions on various topics including personal strengths use, developing optimism, tapping into gratitude, performance psychology, or exploring your “why”. Packages are customizable.

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